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Pure Bhimseni Camphor

Pure Bhimseni Camphor

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Experience the purity of Bhimseni Camphor, a cherished ingredient in traditional rituals and daily practices. Known for its unparalleled quality, our Pure Bhimseni Camphor is sourced from the finest natural extracts, ensuring a rich aroma that enhances your spiritual and meditative moments. A test of purity - our bhimseni camphor crystals have a natural soothing aroma and does not leave behind any residue on burning.

Add a touch of tradition to your daily rituals with Bhimseni Camphor, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere during prayers and meditation. Its soothing fragrance not only uplifts the ambiance but also promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Beyond its spiritual uses, Pure Bhimseni Camphor is also ideal for alleviating congestion from a runny nose, offering natural relief that has been trusted for generations. Its gentle yet effective properties make it a must-have in your household, especially during seasonal changes.

Embrace the purity and versatility of Pure Bhimseni Camphor in your daily life. Elevate your spiritual practices and find comfort in its therapeutic benefits, making each moment more peaceful and rejuvenating.

How to use: 

  1. Light a few pieces of camphor crystals along with cloves to re-energise your home
  2.  Burn a few pieces of camphor crystals in 'camphor daani' near the affected person to alleviate the congestion.

Net Quantity: 100 grams

Jar Dimensions:3x2.5x2.5 inches

Made In India

Best before one year from date of manufacture (Manufacturing date mentioned on package)


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