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Gold Foiled Rose Soy Candle

Gold Foiled Rose Soy Candle

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Mandy and Co

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Gold Foiled Rose Soy Candle:

Indulge in the opulence of our Gold Foiled Glass Rose-Scented Soy Wax Candle, designed to elevate your space and soothe your senses. Encased in a luxurious gold foiled glass container, this 100ml candle is a true embodiment of elegance.

Unleash the enchanting fragrance of roses as you light this exquisite candle. Immerse yourself in the delicate floral notes that linger in the air, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. The extended burn time of over 10 hours ensures that you can enjoy the aromatic essence for longer periods, making it a perfect companion for moments of relaxation and unwinding.

Handcrafted with care and precision, our rose-scented soy wax candle is not just a decor piece; it's a sensory experience. Illuminate your surroundings with the warm glow of this beautifully crafted candle and transform any space into a haven of tranquility.

Bring the timeless allure of roses into your home and let the subtle, sophisticated fragrance uplift your spirits. Embrace the luxury of our Gold Foiled Glass Rose-Scented Soy Wax Candle, a symbol of indulgence and refinement.

Net Weight: 100 grams

Dimensions: 2.5x2x2 inches

Use by: Best before 2 years from date of manufacture


Manufacturer details:
Name: Mandy & Co
Address: 104, Paras Trinity, Sector 63, Gurgaon – 122001

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