Why should you use natural soap

Why should you use natural soap


I have been using only natural soap on my face and body since the last few years now. It is the first product I learned to make. My skin has now become so used to the benefits of these bars that any other “soap” leaves my skin dry and irritable.


There are several reasons why natural soap is good for your skin and I will try and list down a few of them:


  1. Handmade soap is actually soap
As you walk in the aisles of the supermarket you will see an assortment of body cleansers to choose from that are labeled as body bars, body washes, cleansing bars and so on.
Notice that most of them do not say "soap" on the label, because they are not soap.
They are actually detergents in disguise of soap.
Most of the soap available in the market today is a commercially manufactured chemical cocktail of ingredients. It is not natural and is not even really “soap.”
As per US FDA “Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products. Detergent cleansers are popular because they make suds easily in water and don't form gummy deposits. Some of these detergent products are actually marketed as "soap" but are not true soap according to the regulatory definition of the word.”


  1. Natural soap is made with natural skin safe ingredients.
The actual reason to use natural soap is because of the ingredients that go into making it.
The ingredients used by us for making the natural soap are sustainably produced, cruelty-free from small and micro businesses, but most commercial "soaps" are actually full of synthetic ingredients that actually strip the skin off its natural oils.
At Mandy & Co, we use more costly virgin, unrefined oils, and butters which ensures that all of their skin beneficial nutrients are retained.
Each of the soap bar that we produce is unique since we add different butters, purifying natural clays, organic herbs, seeds, spices, flowers,  and pure essential oils to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, and gentle exfoliation.
The result of our efforts is a mild yet moisturizing soap which nourishes your skin, offers a good lather, and leaves your skin clean, soft, silky, and radiant.
Our handmade natural soaps are made in small batches with materials found in nature.


  1. Natural soaps are moisturizing.

Natural soaps vis a vis the commercial soaps never leave the skin dry. Natural soap has a huge amount of unincorporated oils in the finished bar which allows it to leave the skin supple and moisturized. On the other hand, the commercial soap is full of synthetic ingredients which offer no room for moisturizing the skin and rather strips the skin off its natural oils as well.

Natural soap has a component called glycerin which is retained when saponification of oils and butters take place with lye and water. Glycerin is a natural humectant which helps to lock in the moisture in your skin and acts as a barrier. Commercially produced soaps mostly remove glycerin from the soap and sell it separately for other cosmetic products and replace it with chemical compounds to provide moisturizing properties. 


  1. Natural soaps provide rich lather without synthetic ingredients.
Commercial soaps give in to the people’s expectations that the soap should produce a lot of bubbly lather. Since it does not have the oils and butters which support generation of lather on being incorporated with lye, they have to compensate the same by adding synthetic ingredients such as SLS/SLES which are inexpensive alternative to the oils but ultimately leave the skin extremely dry and irritable.
A properly formulated and cured bar of natural soap does not require any synthetic additives to create a lather since natural soap is a natural surfactant. It not only makes great bubbles and lather, but it also helps clean oily dirt from your skin. Ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oil as well as the retained natural glycerin also help create a rich silky lather. The creamy silky lather from a natural soap is much richer than commercial soap.


  1. Natural soap is economical
Natural soap may feel pricey in the beginning but it turns out to be much more economical in the long run.
For example, since the natural soap offers natural moisturizing properties, unless you have extremely dry skin, you wont need to use a lotion after your bath. On the other hand, if you use a commercial soap, it will leave your skin extremely dry. The next thing you would naturally use to make up for this dryness is to use a lotion. 
Also if you use a body wash - you end up paying a high price for water which is the main ingredient in it.
On the other hand, when you buy a natural soap - the slightly high price comes for high quality ingredients such as butters , virgin oils, natural colorants and herbs as well as essential oils which are all costly raw material.

  1. You are supporting small businesses
The last point is where you realize that when you purchase from a small business, you are actually making a difference by choosing to purchase from a small business like ours. 
When you buy from a small business - you're supporting an entrepreneur's dream and passion of what they strongly believe in. It is usually someone who is so driven with love for their work that you can be assured that the product that you receive is made with utmost love and care.
At Mandy & Co, we make all our products in small batches to ensure that what you receive is fresh and of high quality. We ensure that all the products are perfect and consistent as much as they can be.
Now that you know what natural soaps are and the advantages that it has over chemical detergents disguised as soaps - you would know what choice to make to use on your body.
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